April 2023 Spotify Playlist

Published: April 23, 2023
Author: Heidi Uskaure
”Hey there, I'm Heidi! I launched this blog back in January of 2023 and I'm having a blast writing in a laidback style. Although, my ultimate goal is to become a pro writer one day. Thanks for joining me on this journey!”

It has been quite a difficult start at my new home, with a lot of uncertainty yet many things going on and keeping me busy. New beginnings are always hard, but it’ll get easier along the way once you get going. I should know this by now.



May 2023 Spotify Playlist

May 2023 Spotify Playlist

Trip to Tampere has been about finding that inner child for me – that curious, fun-loving kiddo with bursts of positive energy. It has been a surprisingly long journey to get there. I've peeled away those layers upon layers of walls to find her. Since the beginning of...

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March 2023 Spotify Playlist

March 2023 Spotify Playlist

I moved to a new apartment on the beginning of March. It’s the same neighbourhood I used to live in over ten years ago. It feels like I’m closing a big circle, a phase of my life, and it feels good....

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