A growth mindset

Published: February 4, 2023
Author: Heidi Uskaure
”Hey there, I'm Heidi! I launched this blog back in January of 2023 and I'm having a blast writing in a laidback style. Although, my ultimate goal is to become a pro writer one day. Thanks for joining me on this journey!”

I lived in my comfortable little bubble for many years. However, I needed to be more mindful of trying new things. Founding a business was the most significant new thing in recent years, and ever since, ideas kept popping into my mind, and slowly I attracted others vibing in the same energy as I did. Now we are a team. Right now, next to my creative agency (Luovat Agentit) stands the consumer brand (Ideabutiikki on Etsy), a concept that brands plywood product families for tourism businesses and artists (www.kuuk.fi), and the latest is the coaching brand that I want to build around kindness and compassion. I always speak about things with their real names as much as I can, and this blog will also be a part of giving growth to my personal brand. My creative agency and plywood concept brand webpages are being translated into English later this year, so hold on to that thought. I will also talk about them later in this blog.


Growth mindset

I started writing journals last year, which helped me clear my thoughts. What I went through slowly allowed me to let go of my ego. I stopped being the victim and found forgiveness towards myself and slowly towards others. I found compassion and noticed that it is much easier for others to talk to me and create a connection with me. Today those journals I wrote are slowly turning into poetry, the thoughts in this blog and a book inspired by my life. After I moved to my apartment last year, I started to study business coaching in Mindvalley’s program; it opened me up for growth and open-mindedness.

The reason why I began to study business coaching was that I needed something else to think about. However, I quickly noticed that it’s something I like. I have always loved to encourage and help people. At first, it was hard for me to see from a broader perspective on things. But like any physical exercise, learning works the same. When I was new to changing my mindset, I understood I couldn’t serve in business coaching yet. After that, I started asking myself questions that would later define me. I grew so much in perspective of personal growth in 2022; I have been reading several coaching books since last autumn daily. I have learned to be grateful for what I have and to be kind to myself.


How my mind shifted with exercise and food

The change is never linear, but the way I see things is I try to add 1% to everything I do daily. That would be equal to around 37% a year. I have started to head where I don’t belong because that’s the only way I see things that I wouldn’t otherwise. I mentioned physical exercise, which is as important as mental and emotional exercise. The chain of tiny habits I picked throughout the year 2022 allowed me to lose 40 kgs of body weight, and for the first time in my life, I am being motivated to build muscles. I keep asking myself, what would a healthy person do? I scheduled the gym into my weekly routine, and after the divorce, I sold the car I owned together to my ex-husband. I don’t own a car, and I only use a bicycle. I live in Finland, and it’s dark and snowy for about six months of the year. I learned that it’s really about your attitude and how you dress up. That’s why I never complain about the weather anymore.

Today, I feel good in my skin, and I know that I don’t need to hurry the change; it’s happening anyway, and it’s all about those small changes I have already adapted and keep adapting to that are slowly taking me towards the direction I want to go. I haven’t lost weight for a couple of months due to building muscles. Therefore, I don’t take the scale seriously. It’s more about learning to listen to my body and how I feel. I eat healthily, and I don’t deny anything from myself. They say parties are the worst to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love parties and allow myself to eat what I want when the table is served. Often, I am asked if I have been starving since I enjoy myself when I am being served, and I am good with talking to relatives I haven’t met for a while, so I like to take my time. Those birthdays and get-togethers have become something to look forward to. You only celebrate a birthday once a year; therefore, it should always be celebrated.


Social growth

My colleagues and people who have known me for longer know that I have always been quite reserved. There has been something that has often been mistaken as being egotistical. I know it was hard sometimes to get through to me; it’s honestly okay if that’s who you are, but it always felt like it wasn’t quite me. I always felt something was off. However, the whole situation I was in felt like I couldn’t have my growth the way I would have wanted.

I decided to throw myself outside my comfort zone last autumn (2022). I got invited to the local BNI group as a member in the autumn of 2021. Our BNI Chapter was officially established at the beginning of June 2022. Our president of the chapter decided to move other executive tasks and asked if there was anyone who would like to take over. I wanted to. It came quicker than I anticipated because we had an idea of the same executive committee continuing until June 2023. When I was given the possibility of taking the position of president, it was one of those decisions I didn’t have to consider. Our chapter is located in Vaasa. Being the president of my chapter has taught me a lot about myself and people. The BNI Consultant of my chapter, Jussi, has become my mentor also on the business side. We share the same sentiment for growth with a view of putting the client first. Jussi is the type of person I have a great conversational flow. He has become someone who can give me a broader perspective, still teaching me a lot.

It’s essential to find peers you learn from and, on the contrary, peers you teach things to. Having friends from different age groups is equally vital because older and younger generations will teach you the most. Speaking English is natural for me; however, I am not a native speaker. I am using BNI to reach chapters in England to grow my network. I fell in love with London first time already, over ten years ago, and I would like to live there one day. Another reason why I am contacting people from England is to find an editor and a publisher for my book. I am about to take our plywood concept to be part of BNI Online Finland for the upcoming year.

A growth mindset isn’t about significant changes. It’s about learning and adapting to the small things that slowly add to the bonfire. Once I reached certain milestones, it became quite addicting to possess a fire of fearlessness.

Be kind & don’t go changing,
x Heidi



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