The Friendship Chronicles #001: Vanessa Carvalho, Brazil

Published: July 5, 2023
Author: Heidi Uskaure
”Hey there, I'm Heidi! I launched this blog back in January of 2023 and I'm having a blast writing in a laidback style. Although, my ultimate goal is to become a pro writer one day. Thanks for joining me on this journey!”

An Inspiring Story of Resilience, Growth, and Pursuit

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of the Friendship Chronicles!
#thefriendshipchronicles #story001

This is something I’ve eagerly anticipated for quite some time. These Chronicles consist of captivating stories about my friends hailing from various corners of the globe. As you may already know, I love stories, and I want to be writing them here on my blog.

Moving forward, I intend to expand these stories through podcasts. I’m thrilled to mention that Vanessa will join me in Finland upcoming Christmas, and we plan to record a podcast together. Having Vanessa as my first blog interviewee and sharing her unique story is truly an honour. Interestingly, her blog also graciously published my Grief Story from last year.

I initially met Vanessa on Boo, a social networking app. She reached out to me because she found out that I wanted to be a writer, and what followed was an engaging two-hour phone call where we delved into our life experiences and personal growth. Little did I know that this encounter would lead to unforgettable adventures together, starting with Vanessa’s visit to Finland for Christmas later this year, followed by our joint celebration of the New Year in London. That is how we plan to wrap up 2023, just like I wrapped up 2022.

Vanessa Carvalho

Vanessa Carvalho is a 32-year-old Latin American woman from Brazil. She is originally from Maceió but has lived in Recife for eight years. She is a lawyer and works with issues related to pensions.

If I were to describe Vanessa briefly, she is sensitive, kind, and trustworthy. Her genuine curiosity fuels her desire for exploration and meaningful connections. Vanessa always seeks knowledge, embraces new experiences, and keeps an open mind.

Vanessa’s Aspirations and Bucket List

Her bucket list reflects Vanessa’s aspirations to explore the world. She yearns for adventure, cultural immersion, and pushing boundaries. Skydiving definitely symbolizes her willingness to step outside her comfort zone. I find it funny how we both want to try skydiving. 

Vanessa’s ultimate goal is to find a place she truly belongs, whether it’s a physical location, a person, a job, or simply a state of mind. She understands that living each day to its fullest is the key. Vanessa approaches life with wonder and embraces the vast possibilities that lie ahead.

A Day to Remember

I asked Vanessa about a day in the past that she would like to return to. She told me January 30th, 2022, holds a vivid memory for her. It was her first day in New York City, an anticipated moment despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. After years of anticipation, the moment became even more significant due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Exploring the bustling city and forming meaningful friendships turned it into a perfect moment that left an indelible mark on her heart.

Embracing Vulnerability

Throughout life’s ups and downs, Vanessa has learned invaluable lessons, one of the most significant being the power of vulnerability. By courageously engaging in uncomfortable conversations, she has fostered genuine and meaningful relationships, nurturing personal growth in all aspects of her life.

Core values guide Vanessa’s choices and actions: charity, honesty, love, and justice. During her spare time, she volunteers, plays music, and reads books for personal growth.

Prioritizing Self-Care

Vanessa prioritizes self-care during busy and stressful times. She tells how healthy habits and nostalgic activities provide balance and rejuvenation for her.

She’s self-aware, embracing feedback and celebrating successes while acknowledging areas for improvement. Setbacks haven’t stopped her. This balanced perspective fuels her resilience and unwavering determination to achieve her goals.

However, setbacks are an inevitable part of life, and Vanessa has experienced her fair share. One major setback occurred when her law firm underwent a split due to a bureaucratic issue. However, through negotiations and meetings, Vanessa has proven her ability to navigate challenges gracefully, relying on rationality, patience, and humility.


Seeking Support

In difficult times, Vanessa seeks help and support. After losing her husband to suicide, the love and support of family and friends played crucial roles in her healing and resilience. Prayers, a listening ear, practical assistance, and companionship contributed to her growth, reminding her of the compassionate presence of humanity even in the darkest times.

Vanessa’s favourite quote is:

“Thankfully, there is always another day. And other dreams. And other laughs. And other people. And other things.”

Clarice Lispector

This quote encapsulates Vanessa’s unwavering optimism and firm belief in the infinite possibilities ahead and how things will fall into place.

Accomplishments and Milestones

To commemorate her accomplishments and milestones, Vanessa captures them through photographs, texts, or videos, creating tangible reminders of her journey and the reasons behind her pursuits. These memories serve as a wellspring of inspiration, reminding her of her personal growth and the dreams that await her.


Through my eyes as her friend, I see Vanessa Carvalho’s journey as a testament to resilience and personal growth. I believe her commitment to self-improvement and unwavering dedication to her passions must be a constant inspiration amongst her peers.

Today she continues to explore the world, forge deep connections, and embrace life’s lessons; she reminds me that our dreams are within reach and that every step of our journey is worth cherishing and celebrating.

I really can’t wait to meet you in person, Vanessa! 💛

While writing these blog posts about my friends, I’ll request their favourite songs to include on The Friendship Chronicles playlist on Spotify. Vanessa selected “Brave” by Sara Bareilles as her song of choice.

You can access the playlist by following this link. Additionally, as I complete these stories, I will continue to add new tracks to the playlist. My ultimate goal is to reach 100 stories, making the playlist remarkable in several ways.

Be kind & don’t go changing,
x Heidi Uskaure




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